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Our Products


  • PoS miner/sharder/validator
  • e.g. Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2)
  • e.g. 0chain / Cardano
  • multiple locations worldwide
  • 24/7 monitoring
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  • PoW based miner
  • e.g. Bitcoin
  • e.g. Litecoin / Dogecoin
  • located in Europe
  • powered by green sources
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  • full management of your system
  • incl. 24/7 monitoring
  • incl. scheduled updates
  • incl. application management
  • optional backup
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  • 19in rackspace
  • redundant a/b power + cooling
  • redundant ip-upstream
  • ipv4 + ipv6 connectivity
  • multiple locations worldwide
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  • custom dedicated servers
  • storage JBODs
  • NetApp storages
  • Supermicro servers
  • built to your needs
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  • custom virtual servers
  • redundant proxmox clusters
  • sized to your needs
  • reserved private cloud options
  • upgradeable anytime
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  • managed backup solutions
  • on-site versioning
  • off-site backups
  • monitoring of completion
  • multiple locations available
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  • managed site interconnections
  • mpls free
  • hub-and-spoke or full-mesh
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • CPE on request
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homes for your decentralized projects


planned from the beginning by automizing the most important tasks on all layers, starting from pyhsical access up to your application.


get the best performance with our modern architecture and datacenters close to major markets and destinations.


redundancy in mind from multiple locations to redundand power, connectivity, and network paths in each location.


expand as you grow with our flexible contract and upgrade options.

Our Services


locate your hardware in our tier 3 datacenter locations across europe for your decentralized projects


get fast, reliable and redundant connectivity worldwide using a mix of tier 1 and tier 2 carriers


rent network equipment, servers, storages all tailored to your needs using our flexible contract options


managed infrastructure (network, servers, storages), site interconnection, consulting


24/7 monitoring of key metrics: power, connectivity, availability and performance

Are you ready for decentralization?

As a MSP/NSP and team with 10+ years expierience in being part of the decentralized internet, we are the perfect partner for starting your decentralized projects. We are partnering with you/your projects worldwide to support your vision of a more secure internet.
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About Us

We're experienced

10 years+ experience in running critical cloud and datacenter infrastructure

We're flexible

providing custom services and contracts tailored to your requirements

We're modern

supporting modern communication tools and trends in development

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