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Our team of engineers operates & monitors your nodes / infrastructure securely and reliably. Keys remain your own.


The webservers hosting this website keep logfiles. These logfiles contain your IP address as well as your browser version. This is used to make it harder for abusers to access this site. It’s also used for debugging in case of failure. Nothing else is done with this data. Also, there are no cookies tracking you. There is no external CSS, JS or anything else included in this website. Therefore these log data is not considered as personal data.Except from the data mentioned above no data is logged, stored or analyzed.


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Zero Services GmbH, Schwabenweg 22, 65760 Eschborn, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)6122 9339553
Commercial Register: Frankfurt am Main, HRB 119167
Managing Director: Karin Kildau
USt-ID: DE331713332

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